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There are many ways to support the EJM Foundation.

Perhaps you have photography equipment to donate including:

cameras (digital or film), darkroom materials, studio items, etc. 

Equipment is tax-deductible according to current market value.

Financial support is tax-deductible financial contributions via check,

credit card or PayPal (one time gift or monthly contributions).

We also receive assistance via corporate sponsorships,

volunteer opportunities and fundraising.

No amount is too small to help us impact the world through photography!

Thank you.

Let's Make a Change

Here are some ways you can donate:


230 Kings Highway East

Suite 286

Haddonfield, NJ  08033


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

PayPal Donate Button.jpg
Social Media

Make a tax deductible donation‏.

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Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.


877. 456. 7924

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